New rock oriented prog project PRP and debut double-single “Rubber Sun” (Grus Paridae members)

PRP is a brand new prog rock side-project of the Finnish prog/art rock collective Grus Paridae’s Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen.
We are very happy to announce our debut double-single/mini-EP Rubber Sun was released in 4th of December 2017.

Both songs on the new release where originally written to Grus Paridae. It soon became clear they were too rock to be part of the musical path and atmosphere where Grus Paridae is heading. At the same time they appeared to be something Rami and Petteri definitely wanted to release. It also became clear there are more songs waiting to be finished that would fit nicely to the idea of PRP rather than GP, although we are doing new material with GP very much actively as well.

Rubber Sun is dedicated to all people who are struggling with mental health issues and to those struggling with incurable diseases.

The single will be available worldwide on all major digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and streaming services (Spotify, GooglePlay, Deezer, YouTube Play, etc.) and is delivered by Z-Trading Ltd. We also took a small physical CD edition of it.

Our Facebook page:

All vocals: Rami Turtiainen, Petteri Kurki
Guitars: Petteri Kurki, Rami Turtiainen
Synths: Rami Turtiainen, Petteri Kurki
Basses: Petteri Kurki
Drum and percussive composing and programming: Petteri Kurki, Rami Turtiainen

You can reach us:
by email: prp_prog[at]
or sending us a message on our Facebook page

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