Ivana Mer releasing her new remix album in a brand new format

Ivana Mer releasing her new remix album in a brand new format

December surprises with “Early Works Remixed Extended Edition“, a worldwide compilation of remixes of Ivana Mer‘s debut album. Djs and producers from Argentina, Australia, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine and Uruguay participate in the first physical release of Asteroidea Digital Records in collaboration with divéZvery.

The artists
5 New extra tracks, to the 8 already available remixes on digital platforms. The complete tracklist combines Poncho + Casino Tart [JP], Le Freak Selector [AR], Francis Dhuit [AR], ELLIOT [OR], Ben Jamin [AU], John Le Bon [GR], René Flores [MX], Federico Deutsch [UY], The Bogen [HU], Mira Tus Manos [AR], Awali[UA], Martin Karakachoff [AR] and DUHAN [SK], who transformed “The Birds” into a cinematographic remix, wich was chosen as the first single.


Not just music
The box comes with a printed booklet and the USB disk that fits in a wallet. There is music (mp3 and wav), wallpapers, photos, ringtones, the digital booklet and videos:
• “About Early Works” where Ivana tells details about the original disc.
• A collaborative clip with amateur dancers summoned by the internet to move to the rhythm of the Greek producer John Le Bon.
• The electrifying “Mereus” remixed by Poncho + Casino Tart, also published on CD by the Japanese label nunulaxnulan.
• “M to M” remixed from Buenos Aires by Le Freak Selector, with dancers: María de Dueñas Lopez (Madrid, Spain), Jana Bitterová (Bodmin Mor, England) and Kei Mimakiová (Bratislava, Slovakia).

The limited edition 250 copies are available online from December 19th, and includes a code for accessing new content. Like “Meeting the artists”, a series of interviews with the artists about the creation process, with more chapters to come.

For Cristian Estrella (record producer and director of the label) “the digital disk is the great successor of the CD. We believe that it will mark a before and after in the distribution of musical contents. The 4 GB of free space for personal data is an interesting bonus“. While she is preparing for her next concerts in Spain and South America, Ivana Mer states that “it is the ideal format for the electronic proposal of the album, it brings more information at higher quality. I am very happy with the result. Let’s give the dance a chance!”

La Redazione


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