New Releases from BOOMRUSH PRODUCTIONS: Mellow Mark, Danakil, Tóke – OUT NOW

Mellow Mark feat. Gentleman – Revolution (Bushhouse Remix)
Revolution featuring Gentleman – 15 years of Mellow Mark
 In 2002 the world was worrying about globalization, 9-11 and the war on terror in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. At this time Mellow Mark was a newcomer and was touring Germany together with the rising reggae superstar Gentleman on his “Journey to Jah.” On this tour, the two artists recorded this “Revolution feat. Gentleman (Bushhouse Remix)”.The message of this song is a cosmopolitan and classic: Soul Revolution. A revolution of the heart and an evolution of the spirit. Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”; Mellow Mark and Gentleman advertising the same idea, that everyone should start with changing themselves and then will change the whole world. This is a strong utopia, driven by the hope of a better tomorrow and the survival of mankind in peace and equity.

Mellow Mark and his crew shot the video clip for the original version of “Revolution” as a road trip to places with a revolutionary past in European history: Berlin, Paris, Genua, Madrid, Barcelona. The police in Monaco forced him to leave the country and by visiting La Mancha, Mellow Mark is giving a reference to Don Quixote’s “Tilting at windmills.” Additional pictures are original footage from the 1967 student revolts. A great video clip, who got the Newcomer Echo Award (the biggest music award in Germany) in 2003, the same year that Gentleman got his Echo Award for his album “Journey to Jah.”

Danakil meets Ondubground – EchoSysDub
One year after their last album release “La Rue Raisonne” (October 2016) Danakil is back with a brand-new project which will please all bass music and sound system fans. From this unique meeting between Ondubground and Danakil is emerging a very special project mixing trap music, dub, dubstep and revisiting “La Rue Raisonne’s” tracks. Danakil’s French reggae takes on a different scale. Balik’s engaged lyrics are spread on powerful and modern beats finding a new resonance.

“EchoSysDub” is the first in a row of singles from this wonderful album.

Tóke – Movements
Tóke has just released his brand new single together with Bassplate Records (Italy) titled “Movements” as the last single of his debut album “Wake Up Inna Kingston.”
“I‘m setting sail casting off today, sharpen my thoughts try not to be afraid. And though I know it’s a stormy way I make this step ‘cause I feel it’s the right one.” (Tóke “Movements”)

“Movements” is a touching folk-reggae ballad that gives an insight into the Reggae/ Singer-Songwriter’s deepest thoughts and fears as he finally decided to embark on his journey to the rough and tough seas of a musician’s life. The tune shows Tóke in his most natural setting: him alone with his guitar.
Tóke on ‘Movements’: “I was so clouded by what people might think for so long it really took me a while to finally accept the fact that I am a musician and I want to do this full time as a profession, knowing it would be hard. I hope this song can inspire other youths out there to follow their passion and jump when they’re on the verge of this decision. Because no matter how hard it is – it’s liberating.”
Felix Rühling  –  Tondernstr. 14   26127 Oldenburg Germany
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