UNIMOTHER 27: AcidoXodicA sarà il nuovo album del multistrumentista Piero Ranalli

Unimother 27 is a project by Italian multi-instrumentalist Piero Ranalli. Ranalli explores similar territory to Krautrock adventurers such as Ash Ra Tempel and Tangerine Dream, but in his own unique way. One of the things that makes Ranalli’s music stand out is his penchant for quirky, fascinating rhythms, which give the music a feel not unlike, yet very different from those artists that inspired him.

The first work of Unimother 27 has been released on April 2006 by Pineal Gland Lab. The second album “Escape from the ephemeral mind” has been  released on  May 2007. “Grin” the third album has been released on June 2008. “Frozen Information” the fourth album has been released on October 2015. On 2016 has been released “Jammin’ from the network Vol. I-VII” (only digital version on Bandcamp). “Fiore Spietato” the fifth album has been released on February 2017.

Unimother 27 is an experimental music project (Experimental – Kraut – Psych – Prog rock style) of  Piero Ranalli. His musical career begins in 1989 with City Sewer System (garage psych-rock band), they recorded three demo tapes, well accepted by music critics. In 1991 he starts playing as power-trio with INSIDER (Spacedoom-rock), Giuseppe Miccoli: drums; Marco Ranalli: guitar, vocals that came from “City Sewer System” (Piero’s brother); Piero Ranalli: bass. Giuseppe leaves Insider after recording the first cd. During the recording of second album “Land of crystals” (1995) was included Eugenio Mucci like singer. For the realization of third cd “Jamming for smiling god” (2000) the line up changes again, Andrea Sestri “Sigly”: vocals, Marco Ranalli: guitar, synth, Piero Ranalli: bass, drum machine programming. In the meantime Piero plays the bass with another band, AREKNAMES (Michele Epifani: Hammond organ, synth, guitar, recorder; Mino Vitelli: drums, percussions; Piero Ranalli: bass). On January 2004 they released their first cd (dark – prog rock style). On june 2005 came out the fourth album of  Insider “Simple Water drops”, with the following line up Eugenio Mucci: vocals, Marco Ranalli: guitar, synth, Gregorio Angelucci: drums, Piero Ranalli: bass. On June 2006 has been  released the second cd of Areknamés “Love Hate Round Trip” (more experimental of the first) with Simone Antonini: drums; Stefano Colombi: electric & acoustic guitar; Michele Epifani: Hammond organ, synth, recorder; Piero Ranalli: bass. On July 2007 has played with Areknames at Burg – Herzberg festival of which has been published  the live album and after this he has gone away from the band.


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