Like Elephants: “In Between Dreams And Truth” – Las Vegas Records 27 October 2017

LIKE ELEPHANTS – Between Dreams and Truth
EP, digital
LasVegas Records / Believe Music
Releasedate: 27/10/2017

Like Elephants are an Austrian Indie Pop band, formed in 2014 by Viktor Koch (lead vocals, guitar), Martin Wührer (guitar, vocals), Roland Gugerbauer (bass), Christian Luger (drums) and Manuel Hauer (synthesizers).
Their musical style can be described as dreamy Indie Pop with atmospheric sounds influenced by 80s New Wave/Post Punk and contemporary Dream Pop bands.
The ‘ In Between Dreams And Truth’ EP is a first taster for the second longplayer from the band. This work creates a  bridge between the dreamy guitar and synth sounds of the debut LP ‘Oneironaut’ and the new danceable Indie Pop influences.

Any self-imposed artistic limit was literally demolished to offer the new sound space without losing their musical roots. Jointly responsible for the ‘earthing’ and the new sound of the band is producer Christofer Frank (Farewell Dear Ghost, Polkov, Viech, …), who the five Upper Austrians have welcomed with open arms.

The result is four varied, full bodied Pop songs, which emphasise the expanded facet of the band.
The band approach the New Wave of the 1980s through the increased use of different analog synthesizers without making them sound too retro. Above all the arrangements and the construction remain modern and contemporary.
With the new EP, Like Elephants have managed to develop their music significantly and have created an extraordinary cross breed, the sound is certainly unique and independant.  Dive right ‘In Between Dreams And Truth’.

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