STRAIGHT OPPOSITION: “The Fury From The Coast” – Indelirium Records 15 June 2017

Straight Opposition is Italian East Coast Hardcore since 2004. Constantly touring squats and clubs in Europe and Italy, almost 400 shows in 11 years, 5 albums out for Indelirium Records, 1 self produced EP, a complete discography out for Blodcloth records, compilations and splits in the vein of the true hardcore spirit showed for first by bands like Slapshot, Sick Of It All, Biohazard, Minor Threat, 59 Times The Pain but with the modern sounds of bands like the first releases of Terror, Hatebreed, Turmoil, Knuckledust and No Turning Back. Clear and focused lyrics about society, our enemies and our friends.
The new album “The Fury From The Coast” is the perfect example of their style and attitude, a good mix between old and new generation of hardcore music.
La Redazione




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