Peter118: A new pop-punk band from United Kingdom with a positive message of hope

Peter118 is a British punk band, and they primarily play pop punk. They come from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. The band started making music in 2012, and their members are vocalist and guitarist, Peter Field, bassist, Janine Read, and drummer, Sam Critchley. Their first release, Make It or Break It, an extended play, was released in 2015, with Thumper Punk Records.

Hanno rilasciato due nuovi brani che potrete ascoltare su ATOM RADIO – e che vedono l’ingresso di un nuovo componente ALISHIA (backing vocals, guitars 18yo).

Originally a member in the secular punk band Senseless, receiving positive reviews from Kerrang! and Rock Sound along the way, Peter Field found a new song to sing in 2005 when he became a Christian.
Dedicating his life to sharing the Gospel through the Punk sub-culture, he founded Ambassadors Of Shalom, a Christian band who signed to California-based Thumper Punk Records in 2012.
Now focusing his efforts on his solo project, Peter118 released “Radio”, an extremely catchy pop-punk track, which made waves not only in the UK, but also in Japan and the US. Peter118 will be releasing a new single and music video in October 2014 and has a mini-album planned for early 2015.
In this exciting new chapter, Peter118 is taking his exciting brand of pop-punk all over the world.

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