Hatta Clapz: “Call Me” feat. Kalado – Boomrush Productions 2017

Hatta Clapz presents their latest single »Call Me« feat. the Jamaican dancehall star Kalado. After the last singles had a lot of influence from electronic music genres, »Call Me« is a 100% dancehall track with a progressive, futuristic sound design. Like this Hatta Clapz go back to the roots of Singin Gold, who grew up in Jamaica, before migrating to Germany.

Hatta Clapz combine Jamaican vocals with electronic beats and like this they are deep in the tradition of UK club culture. But they are stylistic very versatile and don‘t fit into a standard genre category. Two styles, one energy! is the slogan of Hatta Clapz. The duo consist of Singin Gold and Raphael, who are two completely different characters.

Singin Gold grew up in the rich musical tradition of jamaican popular culture and so he released several reggae and dancehall tunes over the years. Some years ago he collaborated with Symbiz Sound for some tracks, where he started to perform to electronic club beats that are way beyond classic dancehall style. This was where he found his own style and a new home.

Raphael on the other hand has a long time experience with trip-hop, dubstep, and drum&bass as part of the production duo FedUpFaction. Additionally his style is strongly influenced by the Trust in Bass club nights, where he is resident DJ and promoter at the same time. Of cause these experiences have influence on Hatta Clapz as well, where he is responsible for the beats and productions.

Bass music and jamaican vocals! With this formula you can despcribe Hatta Clapz. But expect them to change variables all the time, so that every song comes in a very unique style.

Hatta Clapz – Discopgraphy
2016 Call Me feat. Kalado (Boomrush Productions) digital
2016 Watchin U (Boomrush Productions) digital
2015 When we were down (Boomrush Productions) digital
2015 Music School (Boomrush Productions) digital

Hatta Clapz – Social Media Links
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hattaclapz
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/hattaclapz
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj9JEe6S2NwgwFw66DZd0oA

Boomrush Promotions
Contact: Felix Rühling / Tondernstr. 14 / 26127 Oldenburg / Germany

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