Charly B: “One Phone Call” – Tower Music Media Group 2017

“One Phone Call” is the latest single by Charly B. The song is a hymn to all lovers living in a long distant relationship or having one partner traveling a lot and reminds them, that they are only „one phone call“ away.

„When you and me are miles away
will love you ’till my judgement day
I’m not so far, I’ll always be
one phone call away“ 

Charly B has studied and embraced reggae, dancehall and Jamaican culture since he was a teenager. Over the years, he has won several important reggae competitions, but it is only after settling in Jamaica last year that his talent started to explode. After performing alongside reggae and dancehall artists such as Capleton, Kiprich, De Marco, Anthony B and many others, Charly B is now the new face of international reggae music.

Charly B has recently joined forces with TMMG (Tower Music Media Group), a Jamaican production power house of talent and skills, who are visionaries and a hard working team specializing in Artist Management, PR, Marketing, Music Production, Visual, Audiovisual media and artist development. The merging of Charly B and TMMG has since yielded the outdoing single “Prophecies Untold” which is a testament of how unbelievably spectacular Charly B is with the grooming and management of TMMG at his advantage.

Charly B – Social Media Links

Charly B – Music Videos
Nah Give Up (2016)
Prophecies Untold (2015)
Gypsy (2013)

Boomrush Promotions
Contact: Felix Rühling / Tondernstr. 14 / 26127 Oldenburg / Germany

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