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Dystopian files

Hey folks out there!
It’s been a while since the last newsletter from your beloved Bronson Recordings. But here we are back with two brand new limited pieces of wax. The perfect exclusive cult soundtrack for the dark age we are now living, dystopian times going along with echoes back from the eighties towards the absurd.

Ladies and Gentlemen, White Hills kindly released a special 7″ only for Bronson Recordings.
Side A contains the track “Pulse”,  originally released on the self-titled debut album by The Psychedelic Furs,one of their experiments to find out their influences. Side B includes “VI-X”, the term scientists use to refer to the sixth major extinction on Earth. It is widely believed that we are within this period presently.

On the other side we are very proud to be the home-label for  Confrontational vinyl releases. Kingdom of Night is the second entry of a trilogy that started with ‘A Dance With Shadows’ (few copies still available on our store). These new tracks sound darker, deeper and heavier than ever.
All the lyrics represent/come together with the whole album mood – a reaction to fear and isolation, the inherent disconnection of this obscure age, together with some hope wandering somewhere in the distance. Heavily influenced by Confrontational hometown Cagliari, Sardinia, and its esoteric aura.

Last but not least, you can find once again special appearances such as Cody Carpenter, the composer Ugo Laurenti and the haunting voice of Hélène De Thoury (of French cold-wave act Hante).

Limited Edition on translucent blue vinyl (500 copies)

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The tracks on ‘Kingdom of Night’ are sounding darker, deeper and heavier than ever before. There was a deliberate focus on trying to create some classic anthems in the songwriting process – tracks with relentless beats, an emphasis on melody and a really driving chorus. The lyrics are quite representative of the whole album as well.


Limited edition on white vinyl (500 copies)

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In 2016, WHITE HILLS embarked on an experiment they called the “covers project”. The idea was to take some of their favorite songs and rework them into something new and unforeseen in the original version. This exercise of sorts was used as a way for the band to examine new ways in looking at their own music.

Bronson Produzioni

La Redazione



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