YEARS BEFORE: “Live Forever” by the US pop/punk/rock newcomers

‘Live Forever’ by the US pop/punk/rock newcomers ‘Years Before’
The track is taken from their 2017 debut EP ‘Hometown Zeros’ and released via UK indie label ‘Engineer Records’.
Years Before began in July 2016 as an idea between Ian Ver (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Anthony Dargaj (Lead Guitar) to act as A homage to the punk-rock/pop-punk bands they grew up listening to, but also as an outlet for their own unique style. While working on the first few demos, Ian and Anthony caught the attention of Josh Jansen (bass), who was looking for a project and shares the same love for 1990’s/2000’s punk-rock/pop-punk. Ian, Anthony and Josh all grew up in the same town just outside of Cleveland, OH, and have been in bands and jammed with each other on various occasions going back to the early 2000’s.
With Josh on board the three continued the song writing process with a vision to release a five song EP. In December 2016 the band enlisted their good friend Evan McKeever (Savage Audio/Nine Shrines) to produce and record their debut EP. That EP, titled Hometown Zeros, was officially released on March 31, 2017. After trying out a number of drummers throughout the recording process, the band got a tip from a mutual friend on Kyle Clemenz (Drums). With Kyle as a permanent member, the band is solidified and looking forward to the future.

Years Before is currently writing songs for a summer EP, as well as booking shows for summer 2017 and beyond.

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