NYC’s Avant-Pop Artist Micah Gaugh Releases Jazz-Imbued Album ‘Stars Are A Harem’ + New Video – OUT NOW

NYC’s Avant-Pop Artist Micah Gaugh Releases Jazz-Imbued Album ‘Stars Are A Harem’ + New Video

Single ‘Stars Are a Harem’ from the fresh album by the same name. Overblown Magazine has just premiered this track, noting that “discordance and melody are pushed together to create a unique and fascinating entity”.

‘Stars Are a Harem’

NYC-based jazz-inspired avant-pop artist Micah Gaugh is celebrating the release of his fresh album ‘Stars Are a Harem’ by unveiling the new video for the second single ‘Stars Are a Harem’. This follows up his first single ‘Remembering‘.

Released via Se-lo Net Label and recorded in Harlem, ‘Stars are a Harem’ is a modern day answer to Miles Davis ‘Kind of Blue’, where the music is steeped in the avant-garde tradition while being accessible to the public ear thanks to “pop” recording techniques and a softening of the harsh sounds associated with the 1960s avant-garde amidst American jazz music.

Virtually transported to the “cool jazz” of the 1950s, a deeper listen shows the words are a modern version of Cole Porter’s witty romance writing or songs popularized by Billy Holiday and Betty Carter. Inspired by Debussy, Micah Gaugh understands that the subtleties of improvised music can make as strong an impact as the frenetic tones of the avant-garde. The songs on this album are portraits about women – while not completely romantic, each composition is the soundtrack to a mind-painting focused on an experience with an individual woman.

“This is an inside/outside sound of dissidence or even rebellion, in its soft and inviting beauty, the power of love overcoming the love of power,” says Micah Gaugh.

Born in Panama, Micah Gaugh spent most of his adult life in the East Village, New York, leading him to many adventures through music and visual art. Other members of Micah Gaugh’s band are Kevin Shea, Henry Schroy and Leon Gruenbaum. Ahead of releasing this 13-song collection, Micah presented the first single from this album. ‘Remembering’ is a minimalistic, tranquil and spacious ballad resting on an underlying bed of jazz.

Micah Gaugh first coined the phrase “avant-pop” in 1994 to refer to music that sounds quite like pop music, but the underlying creation of the music, chords, rhythms, words, etc. are more complex than the normal methods used to create popular music. He has collaborated, live and in studio, with dozens of renowned musicians, including Lady Miss Kier of Dee-lite, John Zorn, Cecil Taylor, Bootsy Collins, Meshell Ndegeocello, Burnt Sugar, DJ Logic, Thurston Moore, Lauryn Hill, The Roots, DJ Spooky, Vernon Reid of Living Colour. He also participated in remixes by James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) for The Sounds, Ladytron, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as being a member of groundbreaking alternative rock band Apollo Heights (now The Veldt).
Micah acted in the season five premiere of ‘Sex in the City’ and the play ‘American Book of the Dead’. He also composed the score for the ballet ‘Highrise’ and for the musical version of ‘Sweet Sweetbacks Badass Song’ with Melvin Van Peebles.
‘Stars Are a Harem’ is now available on Sê-lo Records’ Bandcamp. The album includes a 14-page music booklet “13 piano pieces for children – Stars Are a Harem (Micah Gaugh)”, as well as a 13 piano song suite midi file for those wishing to remix, sample and loop.

Catch the Micah Gaugh Trio live on July 2 at New York’s Silent Barn(603 Bushwick Ave, New York, NY 11206), along with Tarana and Digital Diaspora. He will also join The Veldt at NYC’s Mercury Lounge on June 2, performing at their ‘The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur’ EP launch party.


Micah Gaugh – composer, piano, voice, sax
Kevin Shea – drums
Henry Schroy – bass, recording engineer (bass) (ChezSophia, Rio de Janeiro)
Hayato Nakao – recording engineer (drums) (Long Island City)
Luqman Brown – recording engineer (voice, piano, sax) (Buddha Bug Recording Studios, Harlem)
Mixed by Henry Schroy and Chad Zuchegno at The Vibe Recording (Fort Myers, FL)
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge assisted by Chris Allgood (New York City)
Produced by Henry Schroy and Micah Gaugh
Photo credit: Matthew Heyner (front) and Byron Dean (back)
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