THE REDNOVA: “The RedNova” EP – “a beautiful explosion…”

The RedNova is an alternative rock band based in Bologna (Italy).

[…] A luminous red nova (abbr. LRN, pl. luminous red novae, pl.abbr. LRNe) is a stellar explosion thought to be caused by the merging of two stars. […]”

In a hot summer evening of 2015 former members of two alternative rock/metal bands of the Italian scene biosystem55” and “idols are dead” met in the same rehearsal room… instruments in their hands… their common passion for rock music was the gravitational force pulling them together… it was then that two stars collided and merged together… and now it’s The RedNova.

The RedNova was quickly inspired into composing their own style of music, thanks to their friendship and affinity: in less than a year the band’s sound “personality” quickly formed and more than enough songs for a show were ready. In 2016 The RedNova begun to hit the stage in some local venues and completed the production of a 5-songs self-titled EP – recorded by Marco Paradisi at “Boat Studio” in Bologna.

The EP was digitally released worldwide on march 2017 – now available on all main digital music stores and streaming portals:

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The RedNova:
Fabio Spinelli – Guitars and Programming
Fabio Caffara  – Bass
Giorgio Romagnoli – Vocals
Simone Spolzino – Drums
Stephane Capuozzo – Guitars and Backing Vocals


“[…] They are characterized by a distinct red color, and a light curve that lingers with resurgent brightness in the infrared. […]”

Rock music that pumps adrenaline, influences from alternative USA-style bands, a touch of modern metal plus just a hint of electronics to shake things up; this is the common background of the five musicians and those were the threads from which The RedNova sound was weaved. Fast paced riffs, a beating core of powerful rhythmic patterns – sometimes is like a straight sucker punch, sometimes is a surprising flurry of blows… and finally, an explosive and energetic voice on top of everything, spreading wide through the air. Instinctive and aggressive yet articulated and precise, with always a bright melodic trail leading through the song chorus. The lyrics are akin to the music: about passion, about strong emotions, about all the difficulties in life that develop one’s inner growth… and always with a positive attitude.


[…] At the time the mergeburst occurs, the LRN appears to expand extremely rapidly, reaching thousands to tens of thousands of solar radii in only a few months. […]”

The EP is now released – we want to work with someone interested in publishing and distributing our music, interested in investing on us and making us play live. Because we love to play live and that’s what we want to do as much as we can. Thanks to our past experiences with our previous bands, we know what all of this means: other than playing in some well-known clubs in Italy, we also played in big festivals like Heineken jamming festival, evolution and rock in hydro. We also toured in Italy, Russia and Ukraine… we’re ready and eager to do it again with The RedNova.

La Redazione



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