Flour Flour: “Vegetable Juice” – Il singolo autoprodotto della band di San Francisco che uscirà il 15 maggio 2017

Flour Flour is made up of lifelong friends Brian Baughn (guitar/vocals) and Phil Wright (drums/synth). As a duo they fold in influences ranging from Aphex Twin to Joni Mitchell to create tender and offbeat pop music that celebrates unusual perspectives and offers up something new for your brain to chew on. Growing up in Boise, Idaho, bright-eyed Brian and stoic Phil met their musical match in each other.

When they parted ways after high school, Brian attended Berklee College of Music and found himself cracking under the self-imposed pressure of having officially chosen music as a career. Anxious and lost, he stopped writing altogether and it would be years before he unwound enough to have fun with it again– later using plenty of dumb lyrics and unexpected musical turns as a reminder not to take himself too seriously anymore. Phil meanwhile studied all styles of drumset playing with monk-like devotion at college in Southern California and began producing forward-thinking ambient electronic tracks, both experiences which he brings to Flour Flour.

They reunited in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015 with a deeper appreciation of one another and began collaborating more intently than before, with Brian bringing songs to Phil to finish with his careful electronic production. Their music also comes with a strong visual element, with original lyric videos for each song created with the aid of Brian’s software development background. The two friends aim to create pop music that embodies the best of the values they’ve learned along the way: playfulness, thoughtfulness, and strength.

“I was riding the bus one night on one of my first visits to San Francisco, looking around feeling lost in all the tech industry stuff and with a lot of questions about where all this progress is supposedly going– that need to keep moving forward. What are people trying to accomplish? No one can say exactly. I wrote the song alone in my friends’ apartment later that night. It’s a little bit of hollow laugh about it all but a laugh all the same. I’ve been fascinated ever since and eventually moved to SF.

This lyric video is one made to get you lost. While lyrics drip down the screen our protagonist, a desperate tomato, searches among anonymous buildings in a never-ending city for who-knows-what, getting faster and ever more panicked until it explodes into vegetable juice.” [Brian Baughn]


Contact: koolthingspromotions@gmail.com

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