DGM’s first live album, entitled “Passing Stages”, on June 2nd – Frontiers Music Srl

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of DGM’s first live album, entitled “Passing Stages”, on June 2nd.

Press Release
’s last album (their eighth), “The Passage” was released in August 2016 and marked the culmination of almost 20 years of hard work that started back in 1997 and has pushed the Italian band into the elite rankings of the international progressive metal scene. Over the years, DGM has managed to tour the world, taking part in some of the biggest and most celebrated metal festivals around the globe and sharing the stage with the likes of Heaven and Hell, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Avantasia, Scorpions, and many others. With a bulletproof line-up comprised of producer/guitarist Simone Mularoni, singer Marco Basile, bassist Andrea Arcangeli, drummer Fabio Costantino, and keyboardist Emanuele Casali, DGM can now share their awesome musicianship and songwriting skills with all audiences via the release of this truly beautiful live release!

“Passing Stages” is the best possible illustration of what DGM are capable of on a stage these days,” says Simone Mularoni. “We put our hearts and souls into the making this one and managed to capture magical nights that we’ll remember forever. In our career, “Passing Stages” will be a milestone in our discography and a great conclusion of the first decade of this line-up. Here’s to the future.”
Herein are captured two separate performances for fans to enjoy via audio on CD and MP3 and visually via DVD or Blu-Ray. The first show is the entire performance held in front of the inaugural Frontiers Metal Festival, in Trezzo Sull’Adda (Milano) on October 30, 2016 and has a set-list centered around the latest album, “The Passage.” “We wanted to show to the whole world how great the Italian fans are and how much we love to play in our home country, and we had the best occasion with the first edition of Frontiers Metal Festival,” continues Simone. “With our last album, “The Passage,” I think we managed to reach an even bigger crowd and that particular day was really one of a kind…the best Italian live club, packed with fans, together with a lot of friends and a gig focused on the last album.”
The second show captured sees the band in action at the ProgPower USA in Atlanta, GA on September 11, 2014. The setlist shows an emphasis on the albums “Frame” and “Momentum”. “Our second time at ProgPower USA was an important step of the “Momentum” tour and filming that evening was mandatory,” explains Simone. “We felt the warmth of the crowd, we worked with fabulous technicians and with one of the best crews ever. The atmosphere pervading the Center Stage in Atlanta is unique and we did our best to honor this awesome festival with a performance at the top of our abilities. I’m pretty sure that whoever watches the concert will feel like being right in front of the stage singing with us.”
This is an unmissable opportunity to witness the superb qualities of the Italian quintet in the live environment and also opens the door to newer fans (of which there are quite a few) to experience their excellent and older repertoire.

1. The Secret Part 1
2. The Secret Part 2
3. Animal
4. The Passage
5. Reason
6. Daydreamer
7. Disguise
8. Fallen
9. Ghosts Of Insanity
10. Hereafter

11. Void
12. Reason
13. No Looking Back
14. Universe
15. Numb
16. In A Movie
17. Repay
18. Heartache
19. Enhancement
20. Chaos
21. Trust
22. Brand New Blood

1. The Secret Part 1 – 2. The Secret Part 2 – 3. Animal – 4. The Passage – 5. Reason – 6. Daydreamer – 7. Disguise – 8. Fallen – 9. Ghosts Of Insanity – 10. Hereafter – 11. Void – 12. Reason – 13. No Looking Back – 14. Universe – 15. Numb – 16. In A Movie – 17. Repay – 18. Heartache – 19. Enhancement – 20. Chaos – 21. Trust – 22. Brand New Blood

Marco Basile: vocals
Simone Mularoni: guitars, background vocals
Andrea Arcangeli: bass guitar
Emanuele Casali: keyboards
Fabio Costantino: drums

Produced by Simone Mularoni


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