Joolz Denby – Henning Nugel: “SKY”, a single from “CROW” release – (Spoken word/Music)


Press Release
Attack Attack Records are proud to release ‘Crow’, a unique collaboration between UK poet Joolz Denby and German composer Henning Nugel.

Joolz Denby has been a true underground renaissance artist since the late 1970’s. As a poet, she was one of the principle figures to emerge from the post-punk generation, publishing seven collections of work and giving readings all of the world in countless different settings. As a novelist, she has published six volumes, including Stone Baby’ for which she received the New Crime -writer of the Year award in 2000 and ‘Billie Morgan’, which was short listed for the Orange Prize for Literature in 2006.  Fans and followers of long-running post-punk outfit ‘New Model Army’ will be familiar with Joolz through her record covers and visuals she has designed for the band for 36 years.

Crow will be her seventh studio album, with past collaborators including Jah Wobble, members of New Model Army, Mik Davis (Monster Jaw/They Called Him Zone) and many others.

Henning Nugel was born in Dortmund, Germany. After years of playing various instruments in emerging bands, he joined creative forces with his brother ‘Ingo’ and together founded Nugel Bros. Music. Focusing on music composition and sound design for games, their portfolio soon included clients such as EA Games, Funatics and Blue Byte. Henning is also a member of the Dynamedion team of composers and has written music for many of their prestigious game projects and TV scores. As a multi instrumentalist Henning is a member of acoustic folk act ‘An-Spiord’ and works from his studio on the outskirts of Potsdam near Berlin. Henning’s ability to create emotive string arrangements led him to become the hired hand on New Model Army’s recent ‘Winter’ album release.

The poetry featured on Crow can be read here:

Crow album CD’s available

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