James Kruman: “Mahalo Mahaylo” single (UK Dark alt/folk/lo-fi) taken from the album “TWITCH”



Manchester (UK) based lo-fi alternative folk inspired artist ‘James Kruman’ announces the release of his 10 track album ‘Twitch’.
Available in digital download or CD format from his Bandcamp page, the collection of tracks forming this independent release is a journey from the sonically bizarre to mournfully beautiful.  Radiating with the subdued vocal-tone delivery of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Lou Reed and Ian Curtis (Joy Division), the home recorded efforts of Kruman show the artist at is his most stark, humble and organic. Natural performances with an attitude to embrace nuances and imperfections. Lo-fi and minimalist.
Originally hailing from Middlesbrough (UK) James has stood out from the regional music scene as an unpredictable and unique songwriter evolving his own recognisable voice and the ‘Twitch’ album flows with fascinating and unpredictable directions from trippy 60’s psych rock experiments to folk/country blues tinged parodies and new wave electronica. The inability to classify Kruman’s music as any specific genre, has led him to share stages with everyone from folk songstress Bella Hardy to indie legend Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets).

Taken from ‘Twitch’ album watch Country Sigh’ video single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omzPsmcIEeY

Twitch Album Out Now https://jameskruman1.bandcamp.com/album/twitch-2


Thanks to Pete Baldwin @ Ambicon Music Group

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