RAYNE: “Subject A” – New single (UK indie/alt/electro rock band from Sunderland) – AMBICON RECORDS

RAYNE are an emerging alt/rock/indie trio who deliver an epic-rock sound fuelled by stadium sized choruses and dynamics. The anthemic song-writing skills of RAYNE has drawn them frequent comparisons to influential acts such as 30 Seconds To Mars, U2, Coldplay, The Killers and Muse.
Creating a sound much bigger than the sum of their parts, Ben Potts (Vox/Bass), Adam Dagg (Guitar/Keys) and Steven ‘Nez’ Naisbet (Drums/Samples) have been steadily building RAYNE’s reputation as a ‘must see’ live act since their rise to the finals of UK’s ‘Live & Unsigned’ national battle of the bands competition in 2010.

Originally forming whilst still at school, these years of creativity and development of their sound and songcraft, has moulded the band into an exciting British rock act with a loyal following both in the UK and overseas. As one of the North-East of England’s best kept secrets for many years, RAYNE’s music has since garnered strong support from both rock and indie media alike with various single releases receiving radio airplay across the world.

Joining the roster of UK independent label Ambicon Records in late 2012, RAYNE broke into the new year with extensive tours, live radio sessions and press interviews. Both free download singles ‘Fallen’ and ‘Raise The Alarm’ (Taken from their New Enlightenment debut Album) have helped cement the bands reputation as one with the potential to achieve great heights.

Intent on striving to develop their epic sound and commercial appeal, RAYNE spent most of the last 2 years writing and recording their long awaited 2nd Album ‘Complex By Design’ – due for release late in 2017.



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