“a strAnger” is releasing Part 2 of the new album, ‘Insatiable’ – (A Tale Untold 2017)

On April 4th the release of Part 2 of the album Insatiable will start. It is 6 songs that will be released on a song-by-song basis throughout 2017.

In 2016, Swedish singer-songwriter act ‘a strAnger’ started releasing his follow-up album ‘Insatiable’, a 12-song album of originals, and a new chapter on his musical journey. This marked the start of a song-by-song release of the album, spanning 2016-2017. Part 1, the first  6 songs, were released during 2016.

With “Insatiable”, ‘a strAnger’ is moving in a direction of more progressive arrangements and songwriting. Giving the songs room and dynamics and opting for a warmer tone may not seem as the obvious choice in today’s obsession with genres and a generally percieved tendency for short attention span; but in the eyes of ‘a strAnger’ that is just what the doctor ordered: breathing room and removal of restraints.

‘a strAnger’ keeps taking his songwriting, multi-instrumentalist nature and production skills in new directions and continues to deliver an uncompromising eclectic take on music. ‘Insatiable’ draws on inspiration from singer-songwriters as well as progressive rock music, while firmly staying alternative and truly independent.  ‘a strAnger’ captures a contemplatative undertone, which is certainly true of the songs ‘One day’ and ‘Damn your shame’, whereas a progressive streak shines through in songs like ‘Slow burn’ and ‘The weight’. And it is all about the song.  Each song. Not squeezing it down a certain format, as every song on the album has to hold its own. And that, in turn, sets the stage for how this album is being released.

‘Insatiable’ is slightly more rooted and less urban than the previous album “Volatility”, and it is quite a dark piece at times. Lyrically it is in many ways a social commentary, reflections of the times we live in. With ‘Song for deliverance’ a universal chord is struck, as it touches on hope and desperation, on shouldering a heritage and stepping into the unknown. Something that is closely connected to migration, new beginnings and the emotions that have been intertwined with such undertakings over the centuries.

After having lived in China for 7 years exploring and taking part in the emerging rock scene, ‘a strAnger’ released the full-lengh album ‘Volatility’ in 2010 on his return to Sweden. The album featured the singles ‘The One’ and ‘Turntables’ which recieved international airplay and acclaim.

A few voices on ‘a strAnger’s previous album ‘Volatility:

“Beck gone Soundgarden lite hardrock with the cheerful bastards of Radiohead playing lounge music in the background”. – RockUnited

“ ‘Volatility’ just about pulls off an unlikely balancing act and as a result the album offers contemporary crossover appeal”. – Get ready to ROCK!

“Often compelling, occasionally alienating, but never dull or predictable., [a strAnger’s] curious clash of styles feels like the start of something new.” – Rave Magazine

Contact: anders@ataleuntold.com
Artist: a strAnger
Label: A Tale Untold

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