Bettie Serveert / The Veldt: “Damaged Good” / “Symmetry” – Schoolkids Records 22 April 2017 two forthcoming R.S.D. releases

Today I’m pleased to announce two forthcoming RSD releases – the first is a full album from Dutch indie icons BETTIE SERVEERT, who have been swooning fans ever since releasing their debut album ‘Palomine’ 25 years ago. The band’s new musical ouput demonstrates the pervasiveness of their energetic, fresh and cheeky sound.

The second is a 7″ single from groundbreaking North Carolina/NYC collective THE VELDT, whose merger of shoegaze with indie rock and alternative soul found them a special place in Pitchfork‘s Best 50 Shoegaze releases of all time, as well as rocking CMJ charts multiple times over. Their tour with Phantogram has just wrapped up and soon they will be touring with seminal 4AD band Modern English in support of this new RSD release and forthcoming EP via Schoolkids Records (Raleigh, NC / Dublin, Ireland).

Schoolkids announces two Record Store Day releases!

Bettie Serveert “Damaged Good” Colored LP, Gatefold with CD insert
The Veldt “Symmetry / Slow Grind” 7” Single

Soundcloud playlist
Playlist Bettie Serveert
Playlist The Veldt
The Veldt – Symmetry
The Veldt – Slow Grind
Bettie Serveert – Unsane
Bettie Serveert – Love Sick (feat Peter te Bos)
Bettie Serveert – Never Be Over (feat Prof. Nomad & Co)
Bettie Serveert – Mouth Of Age – credit for Bettie Serveert – Mark Bakker
Photo credit for The Veldt – Ed Marshall

North Carolina based indie retail store and label Schoolkids Records have announced that two exclusive limited-edition vinyl titles will be released as part of the Tenth Annual Record Store Day event, to be held on April 22nd, 2017.
Dutch indie legends Bettie Serveert return on their 25th Anniversary with their 11th Studio Album “Damaged Good”. This limited edition exclusive transparent magenta Vinyl LP (with beautiful gatefold packaging) will include a digital download and full CD. This is the only version of the LP or CD available in North America. This is one of ‘The Betties’ most diverse albums so far, including songs ranging from 60 seconds to an 8 min epos and everything in between.

This LP experience is intense, raw and tender, but it is also passionate and fierce. Some songs will definitely remind people of their classic‘Palomine’, the debut album that started everything 25 years ago. The album is recorded and mixed with Jesse Beuker, with whom Canadian-born vocalist Carol van Dyk and lead guitarist Peter Visser have worked before on their Australian project ‘Me & Stupid’. This collection of 11 tracks also includes the rock duet ‘Love Sick’ with Peter te Bos, vocalist from the famous Dutch band Claw Boys Claw.

Legendary North Carolina band The Veldt  return with a new single “Symmetry”, available exclusively as a 7” single for Record Store Day 2017.  The lead track and its b-side counterpart “Slow Grind” are two of the best songs released in the band’s 28-year history.  Often compared to the Cocteau Twins, Ride and Lush, this is a must-have for any shoegaze aficionado.

The Veldt formed in the late 80’s in Raleigh amongst the royalty of the legendary North Carolina music scene, including bands such as Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, The Connells, Dillon Fence, The dBs, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Ryan Adams.
Pitchfork recently included their album ‘Afrodisiac’ in the top 50 shoegaze albums ever released.

The band has just finished up a US tour with Phantogram, playing sold-out shows every night and winning over tons of new fans in each city.  They will soon be heading out on a string of East Coast dates with their pals (and seminal 4AD band) Modern English, as well with a new EP ‘The Shocking Fuzz of  Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation’, which is slated for worldwide release in June 2017.  Neither ‘Symmetry” nor ‘Slow Grind’ are on the forthcoming EP, so they can only be obtained on this 7” exclusive single.

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