Be In It with IT: “We’re All In It Together” – New album out 01 March 2017 – Progressive Gears Records


We’re All In It Together.

01 March 2017 will see the general release of the new album from IT (pronounced ‘it’ and not ‘I.T.’) some seven years after the critically-acclaimed Departure. The band give voice to their view of the landscape in Britain over the course of 10 powerful songs exploring everything from the state of the NHS to the despair of those at the bottom of the ladder, although the sentiments expressed are equally applicable in a global context.


Ten tracks utilising the unique progressive rock sound of IT to highlight the austerity, inequality and uncertainty prevalent in the Britain of 2017.
01. Power.
02. Born Into Debt.
03. The Working Man.
04. Last Chance.
05. Gamble The Dream.
06. Voices.
07. Path Of Least Resistance.
08. House.
09. Down The Hatch.
10. Revolution.


Beginning life as a psychedelic, multi-media group, IT is a band with a colossal sound that shakes the bones, with a barrage of images that feeds the mind. IT’s sound fuses the classic melodies of prog rock’s past with a passion and intensity usually only found in punk or metal bands. Politics, religion, war and sexuality all come under the band’s lens for critical examination. Lyrics are intelligent, challenging and occasionally darkly humorous. The bottom line is that the IT experience will inform your thinking, feelings and memory long after the last notes have ended.

IT formed in 1994 when Nick Jackson recorded and produced the band’s first full-length album The Stranger Inside the Self. This was also when the band first began using multimedia during live shows with the inclusion of short films playing behind the group on stage. The band followed this up with the album Two Worlds in early January 1995.

The band’s third album, Over & Out, was released on June 21st 2002. It was created as a concept with a story line and was performed by IT live in its entirety accompanied by projected visual montages created by Nick Jackson. In 2004 IT began to redefine itself as the band line-up grew and become more permanent, particularly with the addition of Andy Rowberry on lead guitar. He also no contributes to a lot of the song-writing alongside Nick Jackson.

The fourth album Departure was released in July 2009 to critical acclaim with the accompanying bonus DVD giving an indication of the powerful onstage visuals that had by now become an integral part of the IT experience.

There then followed something of a hiatus whilst the band formulated the ideas that would eventually become…

This explores themes of austerity, inequality and an uncertain future for younger generations. Conceptually-based, it comprises 10 brand new tracks, including the debut single, Revolution, which was released back in October 2016, and supported with a strong video: , depicting rogue youth against an establishment protected by police.

All the tracks were written and produced by Nick Jackson and Andy Rowberry with 3 of the tracks co-written by James Hawkins (bass) and Will Chism (drums). James and Will have become established members in the band – contributing to its unique sound – and have toured with IT since the Departure album.

The global official release date is 01st March 2017 via the Progressive Gears Records label in both digital and physical formats.

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