The Opposite Of Hate: “Beginnings” – re-release with an additional secret bonus track available in February 2017


The Opposite Of Hate is a project of lonely friends living far apart from each other and locked up in their own recording studios. It all started in 2011 when the core heads of TOOH, Will Geraldo (Violent Attitude If Noticed) and Silvério Simioni, shared the same vision as to writing nonconventional music and producing it in a nonconventional way. With ideas coming and going a full length album was put together between 2012 and 2014 and all this work resulted in the debut album “Beginnings”. The album with 8 pieces of music is loaded with influences of progressive rock, eletronica and a hint of jazz.


The Opposite Of Hate is:
Will Geraldo, Silvério Simioni, Erich Bruschini and Marcinho Pereira

Special guests: Anna Stéfano, Erik Müller, Fábio Souza, Kassio Todescatt and Marcelo Vanini

This album was originally released in January 2015, but – after generating interest from radio stations around the world – is being made available for the month of February 2017 with a secret bonus track.

01. Stolen Moments.
02. Layers of Noise.
03. Beginnings.
04. Ideal World.
05. God’s Middleman.
06. I Saw Him Coming
07. Twitch #3.
08. L.I.N.T.O.O.H.
09. *Bonus Track*

Peace & Prog.


La Redazione



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