THIS WINTER MACHINE: “The Man Who Never Was” – New single – Progressive Gears Records


This Winter Machine formed in West Yorkshire in May 2016.

5 musicians with varied, but fairly matching influences got together in a room and immediately the sparks flew. It was one of those genuinely rare times of every planet aligning and the gears of the whole thing clicking into place immediately. Comprised of musicians that have shared stages with everyone from Uriah Heep to Marillion to Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and Uli Jon Roth, this was a first time in a ‘prog’ band for most of the guys.


Influenced by everything from Marillion to Porcupine Tree via Rush, Opeth and Genesis, and with injections from classic rock, classical music and film scores, TWM wear their influences proudly whilst absolutely bringing their own sound to the table. After supporting Magnum on their recent tour, the band has worked hard writing material for their debut album. Two tracks on YouTube gained thousands of views within weeks and the album has been pre sold globally. The international appeal proves that traditional progressive rock is still a music that transcends borders and languages.

This Winter Machine is looking forward to live dates in support of the album in 2017 and then writing album 2.

One step at a time though…


‘The Man Who Never Was’ is the eagerly-awaited, highly-anticipated and simply-stunning debut album from Yorkshire progressive rock 5 piece This Winter Machine.

01. The Man Who Never Was
I Asleep
II Dreaming
III Snow
IV Awake
02. The Wheel
03. Lullaby (Interrupted)
04 After Tomorrow Comes
05 Fractured

The album is now available to order at:

La Redazione



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