Rock – New Wave – Pop – Punk: il meglio delle copertine in giro per il web….a 45 e 12 pollici! by Vinny Vinile


Split Enz – 12″ single “My Mistake” “Crosswords”/”The Woman Who Loves You” – Chrysalis CHS 2170, U.K. pressing, 1976.


Men at Work – 7″ single “Down Under”/”Crazy” – CBS BA 222891, Australian pressing, 1981. [A #1 hit on the U.S. pop charts.]


Adam Ant – 7″ single “Stand & Deliver”/”Beat My Guest” – CBS A1065, U.K. presing, 1981


The Psychedelic Furs – 12″ single “Danger”/ “Don’t Want to be Your Shadow” “Goodbye” (dance version) – CBS 85909, U.K. pressing, 1982


Crowded House – 7″ single “Don’t Dream It’s Over”/”That’s What I Call Love” – Capitol 5614, U.S. pressing, 1986. [Crowded House featured Neil Finn formerly of Split Enz.]


The Cars – 7″ single” “Drive”/”Stranger Eyes” – Elektra E9706, U.K. pressing, 1984.


Aztec Camera – 7″ single “Oblivious”/”Orchid Girl” – Rough Trade RT122, U.K. pressing, 1982.


The B-52’s – 7″ single “Rock Lobster”/”52 Girls” – DB-52, U.S. pressing, 1978.


The Clash – 12″ single “Rock the Casbah”/”Mustapha Dance” – Epic 49-03144, U.S. pressing, 1982. [“Mustapha Dance” is a remix of “Rock the Casbah.”]


The Clash – 7″ single “Complete Control”/”City of the Dead” – CBS 5664, U.K. pressing, 1977.


Elvis Costello – 7″ single – “Alison”/”Welcome to the Working Week” – Stiff BUY-14. U.K. pressing, 1977.


Go-Go’s – 7″ single “Vacation”/”Beatnik Beach” – I.R.S. GON 103, U.K. pressing 1982.


The Motels – 7″ single “Only the Lonely”/”Change My Mind” – Capitol B-5114, U.S. pressing, 1982. [“Only the Lonely” was a top-10 radio hit.]


Cyndi Lauper – 7″ picture disc single “Time After Time”/”I’ll Kiss You” – Portrait WA 4290, U.K. pressing, 1983.


Bow Wow Wow – The Last of the Mohicans 12″ EP “I Want Candy” “Cowboy”/”Louis Quatorze” “Mile High Club” – RCA CPL1-4314, U.S. pressing, 1982.


Blondie – 7″ single “The Tide is High”/”Suzy and Jeffrey” – Chrysalis 2465, U.S. pressing, 1980.


Eurrythmics – 12″ single “Right By Your Side”/”Right By Your Side” (special mix) “Plus Something Else” – RCA DAT 4, U.K. pressing, 1983.


Bananarama – 12″ single “Cruel Summer”/”Cairo” “Summer Dub” – London 810 291-1, U.S. pressing, 1984.


Buzzcocks – 7″ single “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays”/”Why Can’t I Touch It?” – I.R.S. IR9001, U.S. pressing, 1979. [The first of the Buzzcock’s fine singles to be released in the U.S.]


Magazine – 7″ single “Give Me Everything”/”I Love You You Big Dummy” – Virgin VS 237, U.K. pressing, 1978. [B-side is a cover of a Captain Beefheart song.]


Pete Shelley – 7″ single “Homosapien”/”Love In Vain” – Genetic WIP 6720, U.K. pressing, 1980. [Interestingly, the back of the sleeve lists “Keats’ Song” for the B-side, but it’s been crossed out.]


Gaye Bikers On Acid – 12″ EP “Everythangs Groovy” “TV Cabbage”/”Space Rape” (extended mix) – In Tape ITTI 040, U.K. pressing, 1986.


Josie Cotton – 12″ single “Johnny are You Queer?”/”(Let’s Do) the Blackout” – Bomp! 12133, U.S. pressing, 1981.


Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes – Breakfast With the Holes 12″ EP “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” “It Was Pink”/”Long Tall Texan” “My Mother” “Baseball Park Fun” – Eldo Farms Records 002, Holland pressing, 1985.
[Early ’60s vocal group novelty “The Lion…” is turned into an ’80s punk novelty, go figure.]


Talking Heads – 12″ single “Life During Wartime” (live)/”Life During Wartime” album version “Don’t Worry About the Government” – Sire SIR 4055T, U.K. pressing, 1982.


Talking Heads – 7 ” single “Road to Nowhere”/”Give Me Back My Name” – Sire 28927-7, U.S. pressing, 1985. [Cover painting by Howard Finster.]


Tom Tom Club – 12″ single “Under the Boardwalk” (long version)/”On, On, On, On…” (remixed version) “Lorelei” (remixed version) – Island 12WIP 6762, U.K. pressing, 1982.
[T. Heads’ Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth’s side project.]


The dB’s – 7″ single “Black and White”/”Soul Kiss” (Part One) “Soul Kiss” (Part Two) – Shake SHK 100, U.S. pressing, 1980.


Minor Threat – 7″ single “Salad Days”/”Stumped” “Good Guys” – Dischord No. Fifteen, French pressing, 1985.


Joe Jackson – 7″ single “Is She Really Going Out With Him?”/”You Got the Fever” – A&M AMS 7459, U.K. pressing, 1978. [Same photo (minus the set of feet on the left) as on the cover of Joe’s Look Sharp! LP.]


Fischer-Z – 7″ single “Remember Russia”/”Bigger Slice Now” – United Artists UP 36486, U.K. pressing, 1979. [Cover art by Ralph Steadman.]


XTC – 7″ double pocket single (record one) “Generals and Majors”/”Don’t Lose Your Temper”; (record two) “Smokeless Zone”/”The Sonambulist” – Virgin VS 365, U.K. pressing, 1980.


XTC 3D EP – 12″ EP “Science Friction”/”She’s So Square” “Dance Band” – Virgin VS18812, U.K. pressing, 1977.


XTC – 12″ single “Love On a Farmboy’s Wages”/”Burning With Optimism’s Flame” “Cut It Out” – Virgin VS 613-12, U.K. pressing, 1983. [“Cut It Out” was recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon , May 1981.]


XTC – 7″ promo single “Making Plans For Nigel” (stereo)/”Making Plans For Nigel” (mono) – Virgin VA 67009, U.S. pressing, 1979.
[This sleeve also used with standard retail release which featured “This is Pop” and “Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go)” on the B-side.]


The Sex Pistols – 7″ single “C’mon Everybody”/”The God Save the Queen Symphony” “Watcha Gonna Do About It” – Virgin VS272, U.K. pressing, 1979.
[A-side, a cover of the 50s Eddie Cochran classic, features vocals by Sid Vicious.]


The Sex Pistols – 7″ single “Pretty Vacant”/”No Fun” – Virgin VS184, U.K. pressing, 1977. [B-side is a cover of The Stooges song.]


The Sex Pistols – 7″ single “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle”/”Rock Around the Clock”- Virgin VS290, U.K. pressing, 1979. [B-side vocal by Tenpole Tudor.
American Express was reportedly not pleased with the front sleeve graphic.]


The Professionals – 7″ single “Join the Professionals”/”Has Anybody Got an Alibi” – Virgin VS426, U.K. pressing, 1981. [Fold-out sleeve. The Professionals were a Steve Jones and Paul Cook post-Sex Pistols project.]


Alternative TV – 7″ single “Life After Life”/Life After Dub” – Deptford Fun City Records DFC 04, U.K. pressing, 1977. [Guest pianist Jools Holland, then of Squeeze.]


Alternative TV – 7″ single “You Bastard”/”How Much Longer” – Deptford Fun City Records, DFC 002, U.K. pressing, 1977.


Robyn Hitchcock – 7″ single (with bonus flexi) “The Man Who Invented Himself”/”Dancing On God’s Thumb” (flexi: “It’s a Mystic Trip”/”Grooving On a Inner Plane”) – Armageddon AS 008 (flexi: SPURT 1), U.K. pressing, 1981. [Robyn, formerly of The Soft Boys, goes solo.]


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